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Far Away from This World


Far Away from This World , released in 2007. This CD was originally released under the name "The Mountain State Quartet" before changing the group name to the "New Prophets".

Members on this album are Denzil Harper (Tenor), Randy Pierson (Lead), Levi Johnston (Baritone), and JT Withrow (Bass).

Songs include:


  1. "I'm Gonna Dip My Feet in that Crystal River"
  2. "I'll Live Again"
  3. "I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary"
  4. "Far Away from This World"
  5. "Home"
  6. "There Is a River"
  7. "Holy, Holy" (written by Randy Pierson)
  8. "Sweet Beulah Land"
  9. "Call Me at Home" (written by Denzil Harper)
  10. "Jesus Knows" (written by our friend David Horn)
  11. "Forever and a Day" (written by Randy Pierson)


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